Voice Authorization

16-digit MIDs

  • Visa / MasterCard / Discover
    (800) 228-1122
  • American Express
    (800) 528-2121


All Other MIDs

  • Visa / MasterCard / Discover
    (800) 991-9911
  • American Express
    (800) 528-2121

Voice Authorization Procedures
It is recommended that you use voice authorization procedures for the following reasons:
• You process paper transactions (non-electronic).
• You are unable to obtain an authorization through your point-of-sale terminal.
• You receive the message “Call Center” on your point-of-sale terminal.
Please follow the procedures below when calling for a voice authorization:
• Dial the Voice Authorization Center toll-free number located on your voice authorization sticker.
• Our automated voice authorization system may ask for the following:
– Cardholder account number (the account number is 13-16 digits in length)
– Card expiration date (the date is four digits in the format of MMYY)
– Dollar amount of the transaction (provide the amount in U.S. dollar and cents)
• If approved, you will be provided with an authorization number. Record number on sales draft.
• To complete the transaction, obtain a manual imprint of the card using the same draft where the caller recorded the authorization number. Once you receive an approval, request that your customer sign the sales draft.
• If you obtained a voice authorization due to a terminal malfunction or power outage, hold all drafts until your replacement terminal arrives or power is back on, then manually enter all transactions using the off-line function key (refer to your Terminal Quick Reference Guide for proper procedures).

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