Smart isn’t just for phones anymore:

A new kind of terminal & a smarter way to pay

Poynt is the next generation countertop terminal.  Merchants can manage their business like never before using the latest in payment technology with features such as WiFi connectivity, a customer facing screen and options to text and email receipts.

The last terminal you will ever need.

Out With The Old

Designed as a countertop solution that features both merchant and customer facing touch screens, Poynt is the next generation in payment terminals.  Poynt is a beautiful all in-in-one device built for your countertop that can easily integrate with cash drawers and printers and for when you’re on the go Poynt can connect to your WiFi. Poynt can make transactions from anywhere.

Future Proof

The greatest countertop terminal is way more than just a terminal.  Paying is faster and easier with a single slot for both mag stripe and chip cards, EMV, and a NFC reader for Apple, Android and Samsung Pay. Poynt is the smart terminal that is secure and simple to use.

Your Business is Too Smart for Dumb Technology

Finally, there is a complete business solution that boasts a powerful back-office portal and mobile management tool with Real-time business insights right from your phone.  Poynt gives you the flexibility you need to run your business.  With Poynt you can create a hierarchy of catalogs, categories and products to suit your business’s needs.  Easily apply taxes and custom discounts, which will ensure that you and your staff apply the right charges at the right time.  Manage your inventory with convenient reports, like item-level reporting, that tell you what is and isn’t selling.

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