Safe and secure:

With built-in flexibility for a variety of organizations

NPC Secure is an Internet-based, real-time card and check payment application that enables organizations to process and manage eCommerce, telephone, and face-to-face transactions quickly, easily, and securely. And the best part is there is no additional software to install. Works with Apple Pay as well!

Just download and activate the application to can begin accepting credit cards on-the-go.

Government Agencies Get in on the Act

With NPC Secure, government agencies can accept real-time credit card payment transactions via the Internet for state and county taxes, licenses, court fees, etc., without the need for software or hardware based terminals.

Moto Sales

Accept and process mail order and telephone order transactions quickly and easily without software- or hardware-based terminals. All you need is an internet connection.

Reduced Costs for Property Managers

NPCSecure allows property management businesses to save money in several areas of the revenue cycle, including labor costs associated with traditional payment processing and collections.

VPOs for Retailers

NPCSecure offers retail merchants a “swipe” credit card solution using a simple, secure web-based Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) application.

Customers Benefit Too

Expanding customer payment methods to include secure internet payments ensures greater customer satisfaction.

Peace of Mind

Accept real-time credit card payment transactions via the internet with confidence without the need for software- or hardware-based terminals.

NPC Mobile

NPC Mobile is a versatile payment application with no limits that works on most smartphone operating systems and does not require a specific wireless provider to operate.

VPOs Electronic Check Processing

Accept and process electronic check transactions from customers over the phone from their browser or set up one time for recurring transactions to be debited from your customer’s checking accounts.

Apple Pay Partners Playbook

Apple Pay is Apple’s wallet-like solution for storing and using credit and debit cards to make purchases using an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch. Customers will be able to go to their local and national merchants and pay by just holding their iPhone close to a sensor.

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