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Flexible and Diverse Payment Processing

Service providers like dry cleaners, car washes, salons, contractors, taxis and others can accept credit card payments quickly and easily.

Seamless Integration with the POS of Your Choice

Our solutions enhance the customer experience, simplify operations and help grow your business.

Credit, Debit, Gift, Mobile and EBT Transactions

We give customers more payment options, so they can pay how they want to – by check, card or mobile wallet.

24/7 Support from U.S. Based POS Experts

We also streamline the entire backend of payment processing by handling marketing, accounting and management.

OmniShield Reduces Fraud Liability

OmniShield, with Vantiv’s OmniShield Assure, offers security and fraud protection. When used with an EMV and encryption-enabled standalone terminal or POS system, OmniShield Assure helps protect your business from counterfeit or fraudulent cards and safely transmits card data.

OmniToken Keeps Data Safe

OmniToken, Vantiv’s tokenization service, helps protect data at rest by replacing sensitive data with surrogate data that is actually meaningless to unauthorized parties and provides security for online sales.

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