Streamlined processes:

For business-to-business transactions

Reoccurring business-to-business transactions often require advanced record keeping for both parties as well as simple and reliable procedures for processing payments.

Our business-to-business payment processing options are well suited to meet these demands.

Manage Transactions

Merchants have the ability to settle, freeze, thaw, issue full, blind or partial credits, set up a recurring schedule, delete, reauthorize and view transaction detail in one easy to use screen on NPC Secure.

Up to 30 User-defined Fields

Merchants now have the ability to collect additional data and include that data with their reporting. This is vital to the Emerging Market Merchant Segments such as Property Management, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, etc. NPC has taken these additional fields and customized them in NPC Secure for specific Emerging Markets making standard Virtual Point of Sale Applications for each Emerging Market.

Customer and Merchant Email Notification

NPC Secure supports confirmation emails to both the merchant and card-holders. These emails are fully configurable and since NPC Secure has its own email servers, the merchant does not have to rely on their email service for this feature.

Recurring Payments

Merchants who are providing subscriptions or any service that requires billing on a regular basis can automate this task with NPC Secure’s recurring payment capability. This feature eliminates the need to re-enter the credit card information and store the card numbers in an encrypted database for PCI security reasons. Nine different recurring payment schedules are supported (e.g., monthly, weekly, etc.).

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