Team Leadership

Brian Kamstra

President, Retriever Merchant Solutions

Brian Kamstra entered the merchant bankcard field in 1993 and joined the Retriever/National Processing Company family in October 1999 as a one-man Sales shop. Today as President and owner of Retriever Merchant Solutions, he leads a successful business employing over 250 Sales Agents and servicing more than to 26,000 merchants.
For more than 20 years, Brian has always remained true to his core personal values of integrity and generosity while delivering high levels of security and service to his reps. This commitment to the reps has enabled the business to grow and become Retriever/National Processing Company’s (NPC) No. 1 Sales agency. His team has earned numerous awards from Retriever, including Group of the Year, Highest Sales, Most Leases and Most Check Sales.
Brian’s father, an early Amway distributor, helped shape his business principles, which are based on building relationships and trust. “His word was his bond. He often said, ‘if a contract is the letter of the law, then a handshake is the spirit and just as binding.’ I learned that integrity goes far beyond the letter to the spirit of the law.”
Brian opened his office in fall 1999 following some soul searching about his future direction when he realized something unique about the Sales reps. “They are a special breed needing confidence in and fair treatment from their host organization. I founded this company to ensure reps were being taken care of fairly and with generosity.” This commitment includes: transparent communications, on-time residual payouts and a responsible, pro-active support team behind them.
Early in his young adult life, with plans for college, baseball and law school, a chance meeting with a hitchhiker shifted the course of Brian’s life. Through this encounter, he joined a local Jazz-Rock band as a keyboardist and met now long-time friend and business collaborator, Jim Oberman, who is today Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of NPC. Today, the two sit on Boards together and continue to make music together whenever they can.
Brian’s business success is matched only by his devotion to family and friends, and to serving the greater good through his contributions to several local social services organizations. He serves on the Boards of Directors of Restoration Ministries in Harvey, Illinois; and Calvary Academy in South Holland, Illinois. He also has been on the Retriever/NPC Advisory Board since 2000.

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